Beautiful handmade pieces for your special occasion.

Monday, 27 February 2012


Felicity is another new design, although much smaller than my other designs. She is made with a delicate Swarovski flower surrounded by glass beaded leaves and vines of swarovski and faux pearls. Entwined onto a gold hairpin.
This piece is great if you just want a little something special to add a hint of glamour.
Again you could have this made in silver instead.

More designs to follow shortly.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Twisted silver bugle beads are the staple of this piece.I have created a headband by entwining rows of bugle beads and supporting them into a band with swarovski crystals in two colours, clear and amythest to give a vintage look.
This piece can be worn on the forehead or pushed back onto the hair line.

I have used a silver lame ribbon to finish this piece, enabling the wearer to feel comfortable with how tight they want to wear the band.

Meet Quinnie....

She is made with twisted gold bugle beads sculpted to look like delicate leaves. There are large swarovski pearls, surrounded by smaller pearls, mounted onto a headband. This piece is designed to be worn to the front of the head to allow the leaves to delicately fall onto your forehead.
Quinnie can be made in either gold or silver and also made to fall either to the left or right side of your head. Your hair can be styled to cover the headband so that only the beaded piece can be seen.

Please allow two weeks for this piece to be made as all items are made to order.
I do not carry any stock. Also if there is something you would like to look a little different, I can work with you to make something bespoke.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Inbetween moving house with my family,I have been busy working away at more designs.

Meet Ava.
She has been designed with a circle of diamante surrounded by a spiral of rice pearls and bugle beads, laid onto a circle of soft cream feathers.
This piece is mounted onto a haircomb making it very easy to place in the hair on either side of your head.
It has been designed to fall slightly over the forehead for a lovely vintage feel.

This design is from 'The Enchanted Garden' collection.
Please allow two weeks for the piece to made, as everything I make is made to order.